About Us

Guided by the famous Charles Eames quote „Take your passion seriously“, we decided back in 2013 to kick off what today we call a „boutique d‘auteur“.

What does that signify? Firstly, it is not what the general audience prefers. It is purely what we love and believe in. Every item is hand selected by us, in line with our curatorial concept, aligned with our own particular truth.

As you know, fashion is one of the most polluting industries around the globe. Having always felt that our work should be of a positive impact on society, we were certain sustainable fashion is our calling.

Ever since our early beginning, it has been certain that this is the path for us. Our items have been shipped to all corners of the World, all continents and places we would not have imagined of reaching: USA, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Japan, Nigeria, China and the European Union.

Thank you for helping us live our dream!

Soldat Savu Marin nr 18, mansarda
022191 Bucuresti, Romania